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Welcome to our Car Valeting page, where you’ll find detailed information about our high-quality services. Whether you’re interested in our Full Car Valet for a comprehensive clean, an Interior Car Valet to refresh your vehicle’s cabin, or a Mini Valet for a quick spruce-up, we’re committed to delivering exceptional results. Dive in to discover how we can rejuvenate your car and keep it looking its absolute best!

We Offer Only High Quality Car Valet Services

Car Valeting is a family owned and operated full-service car valet located Dublin in 2 locations: 2A Nutgrove Avenue Rathfarnham Dublin 14, and second location Taylors Lane Ballyboden Dublin 16. Our experienced staff, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service sets us apart as the Dublin’s premier hand car wash.

  Our expert staff, affordable prices, and top customer service makes us the Dublin’s best car valeting centre. With many years of experience in the car care industry, Car-Valeting provides customers with top equipment and a well-trained staff of professionals. We also offer a wide variety of services designed to protect your car and keep your vehicle looking its best. In addition to our selection of car valet, we offer professional detailing services for your cars.

Car Valeting Dublin and South Dublin includes these operations:

1.First we inspect the condition of the interior and scan for spots, stains, warped or torn places.

2.We apply air fresheners to remove bad smell.

3.We vacuum clean the interior with a powerful machine. We dedicate special attention to all small crevices, concealed compartments and difficult to reach places and empty ashtrays.

4.We completely clean cloth upholstering of doors, ceiling, floor, and trunk. We wash all floor mats and clean spots on them.

5.We steam clean the cloth upholstered seats and clean leather interiors with a microfiber cloth soaked with a proper cleaning solution.

6.Before we give the automobile back to you, we check our work in detail. We don’t want to overlook even the smallest speck of dirt behind us. We want you to be fully satisfied and pleased with our product.

Our company, Car Valeting Dublin, gives  the best high quality interior car care for all makes and models. We use the best car care products available on the market now for get only top results. You are going to be amazed how clean and fresh your car is!

To schedule our Dublin Car Valeting and cleaning services give us a call or fill in our order form. Our rates are reasonable, our team – reliable and honest. We will book your service at a date and time convenient for for.

Valeting Services:

Our car valeting specialists offer a range of services, including a Mini Valet, an Interior Valet, an Exterior Valet and the Ultimate Valet Package!

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Other Services we Offer Are :  Bad Odor Removal

Experience Superior Car Valeting in Dublin

At our Car Valeting Company, we believe every vehicle deserves the best care possible. We offer a comprehensive suite of car valeting services, designed to bring out the best in your vehicle. Our Full Car Valet provides a meticulous deep clean, leaving your car spotless inside and out. For those seeking a focused interior refresh, our Interior Car Valet is the perfect solution. Alternatively, if you’re after a quick but effective clean, our Mini Valet is a great choice. Whichever service you choose, our experienced team in Dublin is committed to exceeding your expectations, delivering a vehicle that’s not just clean, but truly shines.